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Publication name Date Size
Higher Education Code of Governance (2014-present) 16.12.2014 368.46 kB Download this file
Illustrative Practice Note 1: Remuneration Committees 01.04.2015 292.02 kB Download this file
Illustrative Practice Note 2: Counter-Terrorism and Prevent Agenda 15.11.2016 276.62 kB Download this file
Illustrative Practice Note 3: Academic Governance 12.01.2017 261.63 kB Download this file
Handbook for Members of Audit Committees in Higher Education Institutions 04.02.2008 549.04 kB Download this file
Briefing on HEIs and tax 05.03.2014 142.47 kB Download this file
The CUC’s Green Paper Response 15.01.2016 159.90 kB Download this file
Implementation of Key Performance Indicators: case study experience 02.06.2008 301.13 kB Download this file
Supplementary guide regarding the role of university governing bodies in relation to student’s unions 04.03.2011 1.45 MB Download this file
Monitoring of Institutional Performance and the Use of Key Performance Indicators 01.11.2006 187.82 kB Download this file