What we do


The CUC works with the UK higher education sector to develop, provide and promote governance guidance for the sector, paying due regard to governance arrangements within the devolved administrations. We achieve this by working with partner organisations to provide keynotes, roundtables and workshops at partner events where relevant, along with collaborating to produce Illustrative Practices Notes on a range of subjects relevant to HE governance.


The CUC is responsible for producing and revising the Higher Education Code of Governance, alongside a collection of supplementary publications to guide Chairs when considering arrangements at their individual institutions.


We bring governing body Chairs together to share information, experience and advice on university governance issues in a supportive environment and work with both our members and other sector bodies to develop their knowledge and skills through development programmes and publications. Representatives from our partner organisations are also invited to address our membership at our semi-annual plenary meetings, helping inform Chairs on the various aspects involved in governing a higher education institution.


We allow members to contribute their distinctive experience, knowledge and perspective to improve university governance overall by representing their views on higher education governance in the UK to sector stakeholders including the government and funding councils. These bilateral relationships help ensure that the CUC and its partners are kept informed of each other’s work, as well as help maintain good working relationships between the CUC and partner organisations.


Most importantly, the CUC encourages dialogue focusing on the importance of stewardship, public service, fiscal responsibility and accountability not just amongst its members, but also with its partners.