Committee of University Chairs

About the CUC

The CUC is the representative body for the Chairs of UK universities. It is a non-profit making body which delivers education, learning and development opportunities to its members by providing educational events and a peer-support network which promotes high standards in university governance.

The education, learning and development programme of the CUC includes:

  • Delivering bi-annual conferences the purpose of which is to enhance the knowledge and skills of members:
  • Providing information, guidance and training on best practice in the Governance of higher education in the United Kingdom;
  • Supporting and developing Chairs (and their governing bodies) and enabling them to fulfil their responsibilities at the highest level;
  • Providing a source of peer-to-peer support for Chairs;
  • Encouraging collaboration between Chairs where possible and desirable;
  • Informing Chairs of developments affecting higher education;
  • Facilitating discussions between Chairs on key issues affecting HEIs to enhance understanding and improve effectiveness;
  • Promoting effective stewardship of HEIs, ensuring proper and effective use of stakeholder funds;
  • Explaining the importance of accountability to stakeholders and society;
  • Liaising with other bodies on issues arising from the core concerns of governing bodies to develop its programme of education, learning and development;
  • Engaging with other bodies to advance the interests of UK higher education in collaboration with Universities UK, which represents vice-chancellors.


Northumbria - Chris Sayers

Chris Sayers, Chair of CUC